Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

All you need to know about brazilian cherry hardwood flooring and how to buy it.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring: An Attraction Addition to Your house

Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is the most popular import of all Brazilian hardwood floors.  Its strength and durability is well known and its amazing brownish-red color can bring out the beauty in your home or office.

Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is actually stronger compared to  traditional hardwood flooring.  So much so that, Brazilian cherry wood is stronger than domestic oak.  Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is harder to cut than traditional hardwood flooring but that is only evidence of its strength. 

Brazilian cherry wood originates from trees that grow typically more 120 feet in length.  A floor of Brazilian Cherry hardwood will look great, even after many of wear and tear.  It is naturally resistant to breaks or cracks, scratches, nd other blemishes that you usually have to worry about when dealing with traditional hardwood flooring.

Looks Great
Your Brazilian Cherry Wood floor will start out with a light brownish-red color and will deepen over time.  This will provide your home or office an excellent look that can complement many decorative styles.  You can use Brazilian cherry wood for banisters, cabinets and any other furniture.  Althought it is hard to work with because of its strength, it can do many wonderful things to help the look of any room you wish.

Maintenance Tips

Your Brazilian Cherry Wood floor will retains its great look, even after many years of use, but it will need maintenance.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning or polishing your flooring.  Just like any other hardwood floor, be careful with water as it can do a great amount of damage.

Because of this, if you are planning to have Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring installed close to a sink, you should consider putting a rug near that location.  If you are uncertain about how to take of care your Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor, consult with the manufacturer to ensure that your floor lasts as long as you own your home or office.

You should consider Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring if you  want to greatly enhance the look of an area, and you want it to stay that way for a long time.  The exotic appearance of Brazilian cherry wood is great looking,  durable and strong.

While it migt be more expensive compared to traditional hardwood, you just can’t beat the value it provides.  The next time you have friends or family  over and they gush over your new floor, you’ll likely want to tell them all about your new Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring.

What is Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring


Brazil, a land known as one of the world’s most populated country. It occupies half of the continent of South America. Its hugeness and vastness adds to its beautiful environment with its culture and economy. Brazil’s land area composes of twenty-seven percent of forested land. Its woodland is incredibly large, that is why it has many exotic animals, fruits and trees. With this massive place of abundant resources it has become a treasure box to many different countries.  

Brazilian Wood (Brazil wood) or the dyewood pau Brasil as it is called is the first commodity to become exploited by the Portuguese when they ruled the land for three centuries. It is practically where Brazil got its name. This wood has been popular ever since it was discovered, in ancient time’s conquerors like the Dutch and Spanish colonies fought with the Portuguese just to get the wood. This wood was good in making violin bows at the time and also its red dye color was a must have in Europe.  

Aside from pau brasil there are many more other types of Brazilian wood. This Brazilian wood is being exported to different countries in the world. These countries include Australia, Russia, Canada, Japan and many more. Currently, Brazilian wood is widely used in hardwood flooring of houses and even in commercial buildings.  

Hardwood flooring is a very important sort of investment. If you decide to have this kind of floor for your house you have to choose wisely. If you maintain the floor properly it can last for generations. Today, there is a wide variety of wood chosen for hardwood flooring and if in the olden times people had to be on their knees and scrub and wax the floor there is actually a better option now with little effort.  

Brazilian hardwood flooring is the present-day star. A lot of people choose to buy this type of wood for their homes. There are many types of Brazilian wood, such as the Cherry, Walnut, Chestnut, Maple and Oak. All of this wood has different characteristics, color and texture that may add beauty, elegance and class to your home. Aside from this they are sturdy, coming from the South America and standing on the ground for hundreds of years these trees are the world’s strongest ancient woods. It will live longer than any other woods from other countries as surveys were conducted. For the importers of the wood it is even considered or called as exotic trees. The wood is easily made, robust and hard-wearing; it will easily be made into floorings for houses. From rich to poor individuals who can get this sort of material they will not think twice in choosing Brazilian woods. 

The Brazilian hardwood for your flooring will increase any house’ worth of value, from ordinary it will become an exquisite design for the home. Meanwhile, aside the beauty the hardwood floorings will also not trap bacteria, allergens or dust unlike when using carpets. Brazilian cherry Hardwood flooring can be repaired even if it's scratched or to any other sorts of damage. Just maintain it properly and it’ll always look its best. 


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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

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